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I believe there is an entrepreneur in each one of us but I also know that many people start businesses for the wrong reasons or with the wrong mindset. If you want to launch a startup; be sure you’re not making one of these 15 common mistakes. Consider why you really want to be your own boss and correct mistakes in your thinking before you make big mistakes with your business.

11. You’re Following a Trend

You may see a hot trend that you could take advantage of or you might see other people doing well in one kind of business or another. But if you base your business idea on a present trend; it’s likely that the trend will change before you’re ever ready to act upon it. And if you simply copycat another business; you won’t see the success that comes with a truly unique business.

Trends come and go. If your business idea depends upon a trend that is occurring right now; it’s likely that the trend will be over before you get your act together and it’s certain that you will end up without a business when the trend is over.

A successful business may get temporary leverage from a current trend but it is the real value of what you offer that will keep your business relevant for the long run. And understanding your unique value helps you to keep your business ever current and always growing.

Business Owner

Business Owner

12. Your Friend/Family Member Has a Great Idea

Family business is so inviting for so many reasons and in so many ways. The friend that you recognize as a great thinker and know could be successful? That’s attractive, too.

But truthfully, most family businesses and friend partnerships end up splitting relationships rather than building or cementing them. Because people do things they’re not really comfortable with, because people hold their honest opinions back, because people buy into the charisma of the person of the pull of the idea without considering whether the team or partnership is really equipped to make it work.

Partnerships are actually a good idea: it’s unlikely that you alone have all that it takes to make a business successful. But understanding yourself and your abilities and your life plan is most important in determining the right partner for you. If you don’t understand what is most valuable about you; you cannot understand who will complement you for your best shared success.

13. You Have a Great Idea

It is so easy to fall in love with a great idea. It is so easy to get swept up by anything that feeds your hope, inspires you and seems so obviously the best thing to do.

The problem is that most people don’t fully consider what their business idea will entail, what skills and knowledge are needed, or whether it is profitable and true now.

You might understand exactly what people will need for this problem or that. You might see just how things are going to go in the future. You can have the greatest idea and just fail miserably.

Great ideas fail all of the time. You only hear about the ones that succeed.

Your business, ultimately, is not about you. It is about your customers. And if you get wrapped up into thinking that you have the answer without understanding their questions: you’ll miss the mark every time.

It’s not a great idea that will make your business successful. It’s whether anyone else thinks it’s great. You can find this out before you launch your business if you understand how to test your ideas.

14. You Don’t Consider What Success Really Means

Most people operate on a life plan that doesn’t really apply to them as individuals. They think: “I will gain this degree and get this job and make this amount of money and will marry and have the 2.5 kids and dog and home and an in-ground pool.”

So they buy into this idea of success and when they achieve it…they feel completely disappointed. Goals don’t matter if achieving them is just a check-list and does not make the most of who you can be.

Most of us confuse success with what we have been taught success means. And this always falls short if you do achieve these indoctrinated goals.

Coming to understand what success really means to you means making your life and work about what will really be best for just you and not everyone else.

Your success depends upon understanding what success really means to you. It depends upon doing deep work to separate what success is supposed to be from what it really is for you.

15. You Don’t Consider Work You Are Meant to Do

The sad thing about natural talents is that we don’t think of them as success factors. Because they come naturally: we don’t value them.

It is what other people think is valuable or relevant or important that we try to be. We value what we are not more than what we are. We think that success means being what successful people are portrayed as being and don’t ever question our thinking. And if we don’t fit: we try to smash ourselves into that mould like a square peg into a round hole.

But each of us, with our unique life experiences, our unique education, our work experience, our special talents and passions and quirks…this is what creates a powerful personal brand, what makes you perfectly equipped to excel at a specific kind of work. There is work you are meant to do…there is the perfect business for you to open…based on the unique you and what really matters to you.

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