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Women are becoming a true force in terms of leadership positions today. In the US, they make up more than half of all managers and professionals reports Hanna Rosin of Oprah.com. Women in top leadership positions perform better than average in productivity and profitability reports Glenn Llopis of Forbes, yet there were only 28 female CEOs in 2011 Fortune 1000 companies.


What does this mean about the changing world of business? Experts agree that successful leaders and managers are collaborative, conciliatory, consultative and relationship-oriented but the manager stereotype is still a masculine one: aggressive, competitive, decisive and dominating reports the website Coaching for New Women Managers.

In today’s globalized, interconnected and interdependent business world, participatory and transformational leadership styles are more effective than traditional leading roles that are autocratic and command-and-control.

So how can women bridge these stereotypes and move up the corporate ladder? Llopis explains that women are wired like immigrants, that they have the same kind of insight and perseverance that an immigrant does.

These immigrant-like advantages include being opportunistic, being great networkers, being relationship-oriented and thinking of others.

In terms of opportunity, women are naturally wired to see opportunity, for themselves in others, in everyone and everything. They see opportunities and they pursue them without being self-serving. That’s why they succeed.

Women are wired to seek out relationships. This helps them to develop connections with others and seeing how to best connect others. Every business and working relationship is an emotional one and emotional connections create strong, lasting and loyal relationships.

This makes women great networkers. They see how to connect the people, ideas and resources that can best help others, themselves, their companies and the world around them. These characteristics make women innovative and able to see the forest for the trees. Their willingness to give to others makes others willing to give back to them.

Women are natural givers in this age of corporate responsibility. This gives their work the branding and loyalty today’s businesses need and can make work meaningful for their employees. Cont…

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