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This is true for me... Rarely Some-times Often Mostly
This is true for me... Rarely Some-times Often Mostly
1 Action is what matters most.
2 I often worry about what others will think.
3 I see possibilities in every problem.
4 While recognition for my efforts is important; I get more satisfaction when my team or organization can celebrate the results of our mutual efforts.
5 I know that difficult situations are normal and I can adequately manage my anxiety while involved in them.
6 I enjoy the challenge that a new project or initiative offers me, even if I don’t know that I can accomplish my objectives.
7 I know that sometimes it is better to put things aside until the answers become clearer rather than pushing through to produce something.
8 It’s important for me to see a clear path to achieve my dreams.
9 There is some work that I do that it so engrossing I lose track of time. I’d like to do more of this.
10 Recognition for my achievements is important to me.
11 I’m always seeing ways that I could do things differently and better.
12 I like to have all my facts in hand before taking action.
13 Money is an essential tool rather than an end goal.
14 It’s important to me that what I do matters to the world in some way, for a purpose other than my own profit or status.
15 Being told something is impossible often ignites my efforts.
16 I know that solutions aren’t always evident so I continue adapting my thinking and strategies until I can solve a problem.
17 I try to motivate others.
18 I am always looking for ways to improve what I do.
19 I avoid stress and pressure as much as possible.
20 I relish autonomy in my work, the ability to do my work in the best way I see fit.
21 No one has to get on my case about getting to work. I know what needs to be done and do it without being told.