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I’ve been telling you about entrepreneurial strength systems: the four systems that function together to create a successful enterprise. The final role in this four-part success scenario is that of The Voice.

The Voice is the person that showcases your business, networks with others, and builds buy-in among consumers, investors and employees. These people are natural influencers. They’re charismatic. They inspire and engage others and champion both your business brand and the ideas of individuals working within your business.

The strengths associated with this domain are:

  • Activator
  • Command
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Developer
  • Maximizer
  • Positivity
  • Self-assurance
  • Significance
  • Woo

Activators turn thoughts into action and make things happen. They’re often leaders and motivators. They like to make decisions and act upon them right away. They need lots of action and want to continually move on to new projects. If you have this strength; you take the plans The Executor comes up with and enact them.

If Command is one of your strengths; you have an authoritative presence. You also make decisions rapidly and boldly but your certainty and persuasiveness instill confidence in others. Your ability can bring employees together and dissolve uncertainty in your market and audience.

Communication is a natural talent for those that act as The Voice.asian business people discussing business in office. If you have this strength; you easily put thoughts into words, and are a good conversationalist and presenter. You thrive in cooperative, interactive and social environments. You’re good at motivating or educating others. You may act behind the scenes or directly to create marketing and public relations materials for your business.

Those in The Voice system often have competition as a strength. This causes them to excel at rising to challenges and making your business the leader in your niche. They’re obsessed with metrics: ratings, rankings and returns on investment. If you have this strength; you’re results-driven and seek to both increase productivity and present evidence of these results to others.

Developers recognize and cultivate potential, both in people and in your business. They’re all about interpersonal relationships and working for growth. As a Developer; you’ll continually see how your business can grow and improve and expand and will want to be directly involved in making this happen.

Maximizers also recognize potential and target winning strengths in others and in your business, leveraging them for excellence. Maximizers turn the good into the great and are quick to see the most valuable direction to take in the moment.

If Positivity is one of your strengths; your enthusiasm and passion is contagious. You like a fast pace and a stimulating environment and you can both inspire people and sell them on the vision and value of your business.

Self-Assurance fits well into The Voice system. This natural confidence makes you a great ambassador for your business and a great leader for your employees. Your confidence isn’t false: it is inspiring and can be used to guide people through change or decision-making.

Significance as a strength compels you to be at the forefront of your business. You thrive in the public eye, crave recognition for your efforts and want to make a real contribution with your business. You’re good at helping others to see the value and meaning of your work and what your business has to offer others.

If you have Woo as a strength; then you’re naturally charismatic and enjoy winning people over. You’re persuasive, a natural networker and often the driving persona associated with your business brand.

It’s important to realize that not all Influencers are extroverts. You may dismiss your part in The Voice domain by making this mistake. An introvert can easily inspire others, command others and persuade others, just in different way than an extrovert might.

TalkThe Voice is an integral system in a thriving enterprise. This role is required to market your business, build your business brand, and depict the value of your business to your target market, possible partners and investors. The Voice communicates the vision of your business not only to a greater audience but to those within your business as well. The Voice is the person that either stands as the face of your business or helps develop another person as the person behind your business brand.

So understanding your strengths will help you to see what roles you are meant to play in your business and which roles you may need to step away from, find the means to fill, or co-partner with someone else to help manage and coordinate these essential business functions.

Who is The Head in your business? The visionary and strategist?

Who is The Hands in your business? The executor and implementer?

Who is The Heart in your business? The relationship and bond-builder?

Who is The Voice in your business? The show-caser and influencer?

I want to stress again to you, that these systems are not always separate and distinct. You may play a part in just one area of a strength system or cover more than one yourself. Your strengths can be leveraged in many different ways to make your business successful. There are many different ways in which you can contribute to the functioning of your business no matter where the majority of your strengths lay. But your business needs all four of these systems working in concert to succeed.

Another way to think about this is in terms of the top entrepreneurial talents. Gallup defines these as:

Business Focus: the person that makes decisions about profit

Confidence: the person that knows themselves and the strength of your business

Creative Thinker: the person that can amplify and develop your offerings

Delegator: the person that assigns tasks and roles

Determination: the person that can persist through all challenges

Independence: the person that will do whatever it takes to make your business successful

Knowledge-Seeker: the person that is constantly researching to find information relevant to your business

Promoter: the person that serves as your business spokesperson

Relationship-Builder: the person that networks and builds bonds between people

Risk-Taker: the person that knows how to analyze and take the steps necessary for your success

What roles are you best equipped to play in your business? And which roles do you need help in fulfilling?

Do you want to know more about the natural tendencies and the best roles and work in relation to your strengths? Check out this guide: Best Work for Top Strengths.

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Oksana Tashakova, founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, is a personal branding expert, wealth creation strategist and entrepreneurial educator.

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