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This is the 4th installment in the “What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?” series. Every successful business employs four entrepreneurial strengths systems, systems that contribute to a thriving whole, and I call these systems The Head, The Hands, The Heart and The Voice.

You may recognize yourself in one or more of these systems. In order to become a successful entrepreneur; you need to know your own strengths and recognize what you need from others to make your business successful.

This article explains The Heart strengths system.

People that operate in The Heart realm are relationship-builders. They are responsible for the human factor in a business and the ties that bind. They create the cohesion among employees, between leaders and employees, between customers and your business, and among all of the other businesses and partners you may deal with.

Relationship-builders are the glue that holds the ship together and are vital for making your business more than the sum of its parts.

The strengths in this domain are:

  • Adaptability
  • Developer
  • Communication
  • Connectedness
  • Empathy
  • Harmony
  • Includer
  • Individualization
  • Positivity
  • Relator
  • Responsibility

Let me tell you a little bit more about each of these strengths and how they contribute to The Heart.

Adaptability refers to the ability to “go with the flow.” If you have this strength; you’re a “live in the now” kind of person that takes things as they come. You’re good at thinking on your feet, problem-solving, and responding to people.

The Developer strength gives you the ability to recognize and cultivate potential in people. You’re great at seeing where people can be most effective and helping them to take the steps to contribute all that they can.

Communication is a great strength for a Relationship-Builder because having this strength means that you are articulate, a great conversationalists and a great presenter. You thrive in roles that are about communicating vision, inspiring or educating others.

Trust in businessIf you have Connectedness as a strength; you see links between all things and people. You’re all about service, helping others, vision, values, meaning and purpose.

Empathy is obviously an important ability for building relationships. If you have this strength; you can sense other people’s feelings, take on their perspective, and help others to understand this, too. You’re a great team-builder, a great listener, and a great advisor.

Harmony belongs in The Heart system because having this strength means that you strive for consensus, for agreements between people. You are an insightful and stabilizing force that helps different parts (and people) within your business work together.

Includers are very accepting of people and are very aware when people are feeling left out or are not on board. You appreciate different kinds of people, their ideas and contributions, and you’re able to build a sense of team belongingness and unification for common goals.

Having Individualization as a strength makes you especially curious about the very distinct and unique qualities different people possess. You’re good at managing people, helping them to develop, and great at seeing how different people can best work together in a productive way.

Positivity is a great strength to have for The Heart system because enthusiasm is contagious. If you have this strength; you like fast-paced and very interactive environments. You are passionate and able to share your excitement with others.

Relators are the ultimate Heart people. If you have this strength; you enjoy close relationships with others and glean deep satisfaction from working with others to achieve a common goal. You enjoy continually learning about others and are a great networker.

Responsibility is a strength that belongs in The Heart system because if you have this talent; you take psychological ownership of what you commit to. You embody honesty and loyalty. People trust you and know they can count on you.

Relationship-Builders have very strong interpersonal skills and understand that connections between all kinds of people are required to make your business successful.

If you have several strengths within The Heart system; you know that building consensus and understanding between you and your employees or partners; between employees and customers; between your business brand and customers; between you and your suppliers, investors, media professionals, public officials, your colleagues and even your competitors is very important. You are all about networking and team-building.

You build and rely on your networks to gain information, ideas,group of smiling business people meeting in office expertise, support and motivation. You build and engage relationships with everyone beneficial to your business, from customers to purveyors, in order to build your brand, your offering and your market value. You inspire others on an emotional level and build cohesion, trust and engagement within your business and within your industry.

You’re the person your suppliers trust and who people turn to when they need something. You’re the person investors give money to and colleagues share resources with. You get the inside information before anyone else because people are willing to share with you.

Having a heart and operating in The Heart system doesn’t make you less driven than someone with strengths in The Head, The Hands or The Heart systems. In fact, your deep and wide networks give you what you need to take risks and bear losses. You have a safety net and an emotional and psychological buffering and support system in place for when a mistake does occur and plenty of people with plenty of ideas and resources to help you remake, renew and start again.

If you have several strengths in this system; it’s helpful to keep building your interpersonal skills: communication, emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence.

If this doesn’t sound like you at all; you’d better start looking for the person that can fulfill this role in your business if you want to truly make it successful.

Interested in learning how good your listening skills are? Try this free quiz to find out:

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Oksana Tashakova is founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, a personal branding expert and entrepreneurial educator.


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