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I’ve been telling you about entrepreneurial strength systems, general categories of strengths that play different roles in an entrepreneurial enterprise. The four strength systems that contribute to a thriving business are The Head, The Hands, The Heart and The Voice. Understanding what role you are best suited to play helps you to build a successful enterprise. In this third installment of “What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?”; I want to outline the entrepreneurial strength system: The Hands.

While The Head is concerned with “big-picture” strategy; The Hands is focused on how to best turn vision into reality. This often involves strategic thinking as well. People that fall into this category are implementers, acutalizers, doers, achievers, organizers, enforcers and performers. They’re about getting things done. They’re about action. The Gallup Organization refers to people with these strengths as Executors.

The strengths associated with this role are:

  • Achiever
  • Activator
  • Adaptability
  • Arranger
  • Belief
  • Competition
  • Consistency
  • Deliberative
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Assurance

So how do these strengths play out when they’re utilized in The Hands role?

The Achiever needs benchmarks, goals, checklists…tangible proof that work is progressing. This person is ready to drive action plans and willing to work harder than anyone else for accomplishment. Achievers are a powerhouse of productivity for a business. Their thirst for accomplishment can sometimes lead to hasty decisions and short-sighted efforts if not tempered by other strengths.

The Activator is also raring to go, impatient to get things Working Glovesstarted and turn visions into realities. If you have this strength; you believe that action is the true source of learning and that the next step depends upon what you learn by taking action now. The Activator gets every ball rolling but must also develop self-awareness about the need for planning, thinking and consensus.

Adaptability is a valuable strength for taking action because it involves “going with the flow.” If you have this strength; you live in the now and roll with the punches; you find challenges, constant change and new insights energizing. People with adaptability make choices based on what is occurring and can stay productive no matter the detours and may feel constrained by routines, procedures and planning.

The Arranger is also flexible. People with this strength are conductors. They are constantly organizing things to work in the most productive configuration, even as new challenges arise or while juggling multiple projects and objectives. They’re always looking for, and are open to, a better way.

If Belief is one of your strengths; then you have enduring values of some kind. You know what matters in life, what is important to do, how to stay true to your values and how to inspire others to do the same. Belief helps keep plans aligned with purpose and meaning in a business. This talent also inspires trust, as people feel that what you stand for is always evident.

Competition is similar to Achievement but involves winning. Someone who has competition as a strength is driven to achieve but needs to compete with someone or something else, some recognized standard…they want to be compared to someone else and come out on top. Natural competitors prefer contests that they know they can win and businesses in which they have the inside edge or advantage.

If you have Consistency as a strength; you’re a good person to run a non-hierarchal company and represent your brand. That’s because you believe that the best things happen when the rules apply to everyone, when things are fair and everyone has the ability to contribute to the greater whole.

The Deliberative strength contributes to informed implementation of plans. If you have this strength; you consider every risk and seek to address, eliminate or reduce them. You do not rush forward blindly but safeguard your business by choosing the right way forward with caution.

Discipline is required to keep any strategy on track. People with Discipline as a strength are about planning, structure and deadlines. If you have Discipline; then you’re great at breaking major goals into smaller steps, staying focused and maintaining progress.

Focus is another executing strength. If you have focus; then you keep your eyes on the prize, always determining priorities and evaluating every action in terms of its contribution to the goal. You help keep everyone working towards what matters most.

Responsibility is an important strength for The Hands role and makes people with this strength great brand figures for any business. If Responsibility is one of your strengths; then you emotionally commit to your business and what it stands for: your identity and reputation are inextricably tied to what you do and how you do it. However, it’s easy for you to take on too much as people know that they can depend on you to get it done.

Self-assurance is the final strength in The Hands strength system. Self-assurance is more than confidence or charisma: it involves true faith in yourself and what you are able to do. If you have this strength; then you can listen to what everyone else says but know that you have the final authority, accountability, and overall insight, perspective and responsibility to do the right thing for you and for your business. You have what it takes to stay on course and lead others.

Do you see yourself playing The Head role or the The Hands in your business? Do you have what it takes to do both? Can you see how one strength can play out in many different ways? What you’ll need to do to be The Head, The Hands, The Heart or The Voice?

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Even if you are thinking that you want to be a sole business owner; understanding entrepreneurial strength systems helps you to see where your focus should lie and how you should structure your business to make the most of your strengths. You can see what you need to develop and what you should outsource now or later. This can help you devise innovative ways to ensure that all four systems are functioning in a way to make your entrepreneurial endeavor successful.

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Oksana Tashakova, founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, is a personal branding expert, wealth creation strategist and entrepreneurial educator.

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