Wealth: You Have to Know What You Really Want First

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Today I wanted to talk to you about what wealth means to you. This is really important to consider before designing your wealth dynamics strategy.

You might think: “Of course I know what wealth means! I want to make money! I want to have freedom to live as I wish!”

Most of us take for granted that we know what wealth and success mean. But if you don’t take the time to really question the beliefs and assumptions you have about wealth, success, love etc and map out the life you really want to lead; it’s easy to spin your wheels and waste your efforts.



If you don’t define what wealth really means to you…you can spend your whole life climbing a ladder of success only to reach the top and realize it was leaning against the wrong building the entire time.

Plenty of us do this.

We do this when we spend so much time and effort climbing a corporate ladder and don’t ever feel fulfilled.

We do this when we think that wealth is just about money because then any job, any business, and any means justifies what we do.

We do this when we think it means financial independence but don’t take into account how important it is to have time with our friends and family, time to enjoy that independence and not be tied to our work day and night.

We do this when we base our business ideas on what is timely and trendy and not on what really matters to us to do for work or to contribute to the world.

We most often climb the wrong ladders because we take for granted that success means what our parents taught us, what society expects from us, what we’ve been told or indoctrinated to define as success.

Do you know what really matters to you? What would enrich your life? Figure this out and your wealth strategies become crystal clear.

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