UAE’s Business Future Increasingly Depends Upon Internet Use and Communication Technologies 2

Cont… Development manager of DIC Nazar Rasheed hopes that Dubai will become the next Silicon Valley and that the Middle Eastern economy increasingly depends upon the sharing of ideas, innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurship. The oil industry has given the Middle East the funds it needs to seed such a new economy and internet use of businesses will increasingly help the UAE become a global player.

What is most crucial right now is to build larger access to wider bandwidths for all the data and traffic that are beginning to occur. Many businesses and government agencies are stepping up to help this change occur in the UAE and so far more than 300 organizations have become part of the Dubai Internet Community.


Alvin R. Cabral of Khaleej Times interviewed Andreas Krenn of the telecommunications provider Ericsson about increasing internet use in the UAE.

LTE refers to the long-term evolution of IT access and use. LTE depends upon building broadband width as user numbers increase. Krenn believes that mobile broadband will be the technology most used by businesses and companies alike in the future. What’s important is to tailor mobile services to consumers in terms of the devices they’re most likely to use and which services they’re more apt to want.

The supply management firm Tejari has teamed up with Microsoft to create an e-commerce platform for Dubai’s small and medium businesses through which they can market themselves and penetrate into the market.

It is predicted that e-commerce will reach $15 billion by 2015 in GCC countries and Tejari has created the first eMall to attract shoppers for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This project started with the coupling of Tejari and the Dubai Economic Department (DED). Together they built an e-commerce B2C platform for SMEs to market their products and services in the eMall locally and internationally.

They also worked to increase the educational readiness of UAE citizens in increasing technology use in all aspects of their lives. Their third objective was to create new innovation, industries and markets with this technology.

In order to help SMEs take advantage of e-commerce and help them overcome perceptions of complexity and cost, Tejari chose Microsoft for help. Microsoft has offered the B2C platform tons of resources and low cost solutions, expert advice, architecture and strategy plans.

If you are behind the times as far as e-commerce for your business, you can avail yourself of this platform for a very reasonable fee and reach a wider consumer base without worrying about infrastructure and maintenance costs or online fraud.

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