UAE’s Business Future Increasingly Depends Upon Internet Use and Communication Technologies 1

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has conducted a survey of 1,350 households in the UAE, 1,510 private sector businesses, 194 educational institutions, 44 higher education institutions, 154 public sector organizations, 403 internet agencies and 144 Public Internet Access centers to determine internet access and usage in the UAE.

The TRA found that 66 percent of all UAE households have internet connection and 83 percent of the households of nationals have internet connections. Seventy-four percent of UAE households have at least one computer and almost three-quarters of the population from ages 15 to 74 have used the Internet in the last year either through their own homes or other sites.

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In terms of the private sector, 97 percent of businesses have a computer, 82 percent have a website and 81 percent of employees have used a computer at work. Twenty-six percent of businesses have used the internet for sales and 29 percent have used the internet to make purchases.

Computer access and use is common in educational institutions, government, the ICT business sector and in Public Internet Access Centers.

Business Wire” reports that internet access has made e-commerce, e-government, e-health and e-learning more common in the UAE and that mobile penetration is high in the UAE because of expatriate presence.

In the article “Benefits of SMS Marketing Dubai for Local Business,” mobile marketing, also known as SMS marketing is becoming a medium of choice for many businesses. If you haven’t taken advantage of this boom in internet use and marketing in the UAE, you may be holding yourself back.

Mobile marketing helps you to reach more customers and widens your potential customer base. You are not limited by geography or your present market.

Mobile marketing is also less costly than phone, email or television marketing, reports “Business Wire” and the adoption of texting and text messages in the UAE makes such marketing very effective in terms of results.
You can easily gauge the effect of your SMS marketing, track the effects and customize your message to reach the most customers.

Eric Russell of “Scientist Live” predicts that Dubai may soon become a hub of internet activity and telecommunications because of a complex devoted to such growth. The Dubai Internet City, Ideas Oasis and Media Initiatives is a community that is attracting major IT companies.

Dubai Internet City offers offices fully equipped to businesses that operate with wireless technology and wired networks. It also leases land space for companies to build their own spaces and sales, company earnings and private income are all free of taxation.

Dubai Ideas Oasis is made up of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others that brainstorm together to develop business ideas and potential value in internet use. Dubai Ideas Accelerator helps start-ups with infrastructure, capital and services while the Oasis is composed of human resource agents, advertising agencies, marketing services, legal firms and funders.

Thirty-five companies signed up for space in Dubai Media City in the first six weeks, advertising, broadcasting, publishing and PR agencies among them. Cont…

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