The Entrepreneur in You

Personal Branding Expert Oksana Tashakova Oksana Tashakova is a professional coach, personal branding expert and entrepreneurial educator. Founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited and the From Employee to Entrepreneur Program, Oksana Tashakova authors The Entrepreneur in You column in Khaleej Weekend. Oksana Tashakova Says: “Everyone is an Entrepreneur”

Oksana Tashakova Khaleej Times: Entrepreneurship is a hot topic right now. There’s quite a drive to increase “entrepreneurial spirit” in this area. Do you really believe that everyone is an entrepreneur? That anyone could become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Oksana Tashakova: No. That’s exactly the problem. When we think of entrepreneurs; we tend to think of a certain type of personality. Most people have the idea that successful entrepreneurs are all Type-A, driven, risk-taking and rule-breaking mavericks. The majority of successful entrepreneurs don’t fit into this mold. You just don’t hear about them.

Khaleej Times: What are the other types of entrepreneurs?

Oksana Tashakova: There are so many. There are entrepreneurs that create like Bill Gates and entrepreneurs that showcase other people’s creations like Oprah. There are entrepreneurs that collect other people’s creations and those that execute or market ideas really well, whether the ideas are their own or not. Many successful entrepreneurs work behind the scenes rather than being in the spotlight. A successful entrepreneur has self-awareness: they know what their strengths are and they leverage them for success.

Khaleej Times: So if you know your strengths you can become an entrepreneur?

Oksana Tashakova: It’s key to entrepreneurial success. But not everyone really wants to become an entrepreneur. Some people just want to be happy in their jobs or make enough money to live the kind of lives they want to. The great thing about leveraging your strengths is that this helps you become more successful and happier in whatever you do. This is why personal branding is such a powerful tool.

Khaleej Times: Personal branding is about leveraging your strengths?

Oksana Tashakova: Yes. When you develop a strong personal brand; you work at discovering your natural talents and how these talents can be used to provide something of value to others. This gives you the best match in terms of your career or business ideas.

Khaleej Times: So what do you plan to share with readers in “The Entrepreneur in You”?

Oksana Tashakova: I want to dispel myths and clear up misconceptions about entrepreneurship, personal branding, and success. You don’t have to settle for a job you hate or follow anyone else’s path to be successful. What makes you unique makes you valuable. And when you do what you can do best; you change your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Khaleej Times: Do you have any tips to share with readers today?

Oksana Tashakova: Definitely. Start thinking about what success means to you. What you really care about. What would make your life feel meaningful. And those of you who want to learn more about personal branding you can download my E-book: From Employee to Entrepreneur: 10 Branding Guidelines for a Successful Transition. As a goodwill gesture and my commitment to your success I share this E-Book with you for free. You can download it at:

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