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Summer work fatigue

Seasonal Work Slumps: Is Great Weather Leading to Lower Productivity?

Do you notice your employee’s attention slipping during the hot summer season? Do employees ask for more time off, leave earlier, tend to come in later? This is a common occurrence all over the world although the season of distraction may differ from country to country. CNN’s Anne Fisher refers to them as the “seasonal […]

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Business culture

Business Globalization: Nepotism versus Wasta – ll

Cont… Kate Hutchings and David Weir have also studied the practice of wasta, as seen in The Journal of European Industrial Training. In studying 25 years of literature concerning wasta, these investigators believe that it remains very influential and traditional in business practice. Wasta can be viewed as a kind of networking in which relationships […]

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open business discussions

Is Your Business Operating With an Outdated Model?

If you had to draw a shape to represent how decisions occur in your organization; what would you draw? A pyramid or a circle? Shining a spotlight on your business model and how it functions is the first step towards improving it. Most businesses still operate with an authoritarian, hierarchal, top-down model even though decades […]

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International Business

The Arab Market

What opportunities does UAE’s growing global consumer base offer business owners? Diversity. Diversity of the population means that there are many market opportunities to offer products and services for differing consumer desires and needs. What are some of these populations? Expatriates make up 80 percent of the population reports HKTDC Research and a United Nations […]

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Brand Concept - Hit Target.

Frankenbranding and Personal Branding

“Frankenbranding” is a term most often used to describe corporate co-branding attempts: the cobbling together of two different brands in order to gain wider appeal to varied target markets. In his 2011 Wired Magazine article, “Awesomely Awful Frankenbrands,” David Kushner describes some of the outcomes of these attempts, when smashing different brands together results in […]

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