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Working Gloves

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? The Hands

I’ve been telling you about entrepreneurial strength systems, general categories of strengths that play different roles in an entrepreneurial enterprise. The four strength systems that contribute to a thriving business are The Head, The Hands, The Heart and The Voice. Understanding what role you are best suited to play helps you to build a successful […]

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Time management

CEOs and Time Management

Researchers from Harvard University, the London School of Economics and the European University Institute began a-still-ongoing study of how CEOs spend their time in 2011. Raffaella Sadun, Oriana Bandiera, Andrea Prat and Luigi Guiso started collecting data on executives from all over the world in 2011 for “The Executive Time Use Project.” The researchers chose […]

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Managing Age Differences in the Workplace

Managing Age Differences in the Workplace – 2

Cont… On the website “The Grindstone,” contributor Meredith Lepore offers more insight into generational differences in the workplace. Lepore points out that Baby Boomers believe in putting in long hours and are competitive; Generation Xers value autonomy and independence; Millennials or Generation Y employees are keyed into collaborative work and communication. Lepore spoke to organizational […]

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Managing Age Differences in the Workplace

Managing Age Differences in the Workplace – 1

Diversity is a key feature of today’s workforce and requires ongoing awareness and alignment on the part of managers and leaders. An important aspect of diversity management involves generational differences. Helping different age groups to perform well together and addressing employee engagement among these groups can be a challenge but you certainly don’t want to […]

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NASA Lessons for Team Management

Team management is an integral part of your company’s effectiveness and productivity. Do you address employee engagement in your teams? Have you assessed how well communication is enacted in your organization? Are your teams empowered? Culturally intelligent? Good problem solvers? The most cohesive teams are those whose leaders understand that communication, engagement, and empowerment are […]

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Customer analysis

Keeping Up With Customer Desires

To stay afloat today, businesses must keep up with customer desires and consumer trends. How do consumers decide what to buy? They use both internal and external information searches. An internal search involves the customer searching their own memory and experiences with products. This can include exposure to advertisements and commercials. An external search involves […]

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Bad reviews - Golden Opportunities

Bad Reviews on Social Networks are Golden Opportunities

If you’re not making use of social networks to promote your business: you’re missing out. Over 50 percent of all consumers research the Internet before making online or offline purchases and consumer comments and reviews top their lists. Sites like Citysearch, Google Places and Yelp offer inexpensive yet impactful publicity for your business. But what […]

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