Quit The Job You Hate


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How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the career You love

Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps


A step-by-step GUIDE FOR:


  • Discovering Your True Work
  • Figuring Out Your Best Career Fit
  • Creating A Personal Brand
  • Devising A Branding And Career Strategy
  • Crafting The Action Plan That Will Land You Your Dream Job


“I used to worry that ‘this’ was the best I was ever going to do (this being my awful past job). I used to worry that I didn’t know how to do anything else, that my skills were outdated, that what I do know didn’t qualify me for anything better. I used to beat myself up for where I’d ended up.I hated my boss. I felt like a hostage to that sorry paycheck. Now all I regret is that I didn’t act sooner. I love what I do. I’m not micromanaged. And I’m making 3 times what I used to!” ~Gary V.


What Keeps You From Finding Work You Love?



Jenny has held a few jobs since graduation but none of them seem to be pathways to a career

  • She isn’t sure if she majored in the right field or if she should go back to school.
  • She isn’t sure if she is gaining levant skills and work experience.
  • She isn’t sure if she is headed in the right direction or any direction at all.
  • She’s not sure which job experiences she should shoot for.

Jenny isn’t really sure just what she wants to do with her life or how to begin really figuring this out.


Dan is a go-getter, ready to race up the corporate ladder – but his efforts haven’t been paying off.

He thinks he’s in the right field. He devours every leadership and success book. He keeps a sharp eye on his competition and does his best to beat others to the punch


  • He’s not moving up the career ladder very quickly if at all.
  • He’s not gaining the status or income increases he wants.
  • He’s not seeing his career take off.

Dan is devoted to improving his performance: he just doesn’t know why he’s being passed over.

Lucia has spent 20 years in her field but has become increasingly dissatisfied and troubled.

  • She’s not feeling as if she’s having the impact she wants to and could.
  • She’s tired of putting in so many hours at expense to her home life.
  • She wants more say over how she does her job—and when.
  • She fears that it’s too risky at this point to change careers altogether.

Lucia isn’t sure how to align what she really cares about with the experience and skills she has, or what might be the best fit for her at this point.

Karim has always dreamed of starting his own business.

  • He’s constantly coming up with new ideas.
  • He sees potential to do things better than what he sees others doing all of the time.
  • He feels he can sense when something is hot or trending.
  • He’s not sure how to determine whether customers will really buy in.
  • He’s uncertain about how to create a business or marketing plan.
  • He doesn’t know how to win financial backing for his ideas.

Karim is overwhelmed by the risk involved and everything he doesn’t know about running a business. He’s unsure if he has what it takes to make his business successful.

How Does this Program Solve These Career Obstacles?


“How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE” will take you through 4 fundamental and powerful steps to career success.

Step 1: Determine Your True Motivation
Identify your core values, passions, priorities and what is truly meaningful for you


Step 2: Unearth Your Personal Potential
Distinguish between learned skills and native talents in order to leverage your unique strengths for the most impact


Step 3: Realize What Your Niche Is
Align your unique value with the market that wants just what you have to offer


Step 4: Create Your Branding and Career Strategy
Use your personalized success formula to launch your dream career


Do You Hate Going to Work Everyday? You’re Not Alone

Most people aren’t happy with their jobs. The Gallup Organization conducts a yearly study on employee engagement, polling workers around the world to find out whether they are motivated, happy and productive in their jobs.

Global Employee Engagement

87% of people are unhappy, stressed, sad or angry about their jobs—and this has a huge negative impact on their physical and emotional health. Doing work that doesn’t engage you can rob you of happiness in every aspect of your life.


Is your job unhappiness affecting the rest of your life? Do you often feel tired? Irritable? Depressed or uninspired? Is your home life suffering? Your mental or physical health? Work takes up a great portion of our lives, and gives us meaning, purpose and direction. So it only makes sense if your work should engage you, inspire you and energize you rather than sucking you dry.


You Don’t Have to Settle for Less When it Comes to Your Dream Job


  • Think It’s The Wrong Time To Make A Change?
  • Think that there just aren’t any jobs out there right now?
  • Or that you can’t afford to give up your paycheck?
The truth is that less than 15% of jobs are ever advertised. Personal branding helps employers and clients find you instead of the other way around. Personal branding means discovering what your unique appeal is and building upon your potential. Personal branding is covering what your unique appeal is and building upon your potential. There’s so much you can do today to make your career search a surefire win instead of a risky proposition.



Think That the Competition is too Fierce?
Or That You Don’t Have the Skills That Matter?


  • Personal Branding helps you become the only choice instead of one of many.
  • You have a specific niche, based on your unique constellation of talents, strengths, skills, education and experience.
  • There is work that only you are perfectly equipped to do and work that you will love doing.


  • Unlock Your Unique Career Success Formula!
  • You can have a real career instead of just a job. You can love what you do so much that it never feels like work.
  • You can start generating the income you deserve.
  • You can stop trying to follow what anyone else does and discover the career path and strategy that works for you.



How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE:

Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps


“What a relief it is to be headed in the right direction. I worried that my degree was in the wrong field altogether when I was just working in the wrong area, and working in the wrong kind of positions for me.” ~Ray L.


“I had to recognize what my value really was in order to gain a position that makes the best use of my talents. This program empowered me.” ~Annie V.


“I got off the fast track and on to the right track. The corporate ladder I was climbing wasn’t going to bring me where I really wanted to go. Now I have my own business and my only competition is myself.” ~Neil S.



“It’s never too late to profit from your passions. I learned how to parlay my experience and talents into the career that was really right for me.” ~Judy M.


What is Personal Branding?

“Personal Branding is a revolution in the way we manage our careers or businesses. It means identifying and communicating what makes you unique, relevant and compelling so that you can reach your goals. Personal branding means using who you are to get what you want from life.” ~ William Arruda


You might think branding only applies to corporations or business products.

But, in a way, you are a product, too! You are a product of:

  • Your education, work and personal experiences
  • Your skills, talents and strengths
  • Your values, interests and passions
  • Your personality characteristics and unique quirks


Branding Is An Instrument for Discovery and Development

Branding has a lot to do with reputation: who people think you are and what you are known for… but it goes much farther than that.

  • Personal branding offers you a way to see your true value and how it can benefit others.
  • Personal branding helps you align your natural talents with your career choices.
  • Personal branding helps you channel your energy into the efforts that will give you the greatest returns.
  • Personal branding helps you gain laser-like focus in terms of your dreams.
  • Personal branding helps you leverage the unique power of YOU to create a life filled with passion and profit.


You Already Have A Personal Brand

You already make an impression with everything you say and do, and everything that other people say about you. You already have presence, online and off, whether you are aware of it or not, in ways that you might intend and in ways that you definitely do not. The thing is: if you don’t take charge of your personal brand; if you don’t make conscious and deliberate decisions about your reputation and your particular type of influence in the world; your personal brand is always being created for you, in haphazard and potentially damaging ways.

Personal branding is the act of taking charge of the message you send about who you are, in every aspect of your life, in a conscious and directed way.


Why Personal Branding Will Help You to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE

  • This program utilizes personal branding because I have discovered that this is the most effective tool for both discovering your dream career and launching your career efforts.
  • That’s because personal branding isn’t about bragging about yourself or advertising yourself: it’s about understanding who you are, what you really have to offer and where you’re going.
  • An authentic personal brand gives you the structure and strategy to build upon your natural strengths, focus on your true purpose, and set your course for professional success and personal development.
  • Your personal brand is the unique constellation of characteristics that make you YOU, a constellation that offers real value to others, in a way they resonates with them.



How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE:

Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps


Module 1: You’ll find the Dynamic DRIVE you need to succeed.

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE will help you identify your true passions, what really motivates you, so that your efforts are fueled with fire, energy and the enthusiasm that other people are drawn to.


Karim: “Dynamic DRIVE gave me even more determination to start my own business. I already knew that I crave independence but I feared putting my family at financial risk. In this module, I also realized that my legacy, what I want to leave my children, how I want them to be proud of what I do, is even stronger than my fears of failure.”
Dan: “Dynamic DRIVE helped me realize that I was so caught up in competition that I was forgetting what I was racing towards! Thinking about what I really want helped me see that I’m on my own career track and that what works for others isn’t the same as what will work for me.”


Module 2: You’ll find the Unbeatable CONFIDENCE you need to succeed.

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE will help you discover your true talents and strengths and distinguish them from the skills and experience that so many others may share. When you realize your true personal potential; you’ll develop real self-assurance and self-belief.
Jenny: “Unbeatable CONFIDENCE helped me see that I’d been working at developing skills I thought every recruiter was looking for instead of working on the skills that would really help me turn my talents into strengths. I had never even realized I had natural talents!”


Lucia: “Unbeatable CONFIDENCE helped me see that I wasn’t using my greatest strengths in my job and that I have talents that I can develop and use in many other positions and many other fields.”


Module 3: You’ll find the Targeted DIRECTION you need to succeed.

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE will help you align your unique constellation characteristics with what is valuable to others. You’ll define your target audience and determine just how your brand matters to them. This direction will give your personal brand definite form.
Dan: “Targeted DIRECTION helped me realize who I wanted to reach with my personal brand and who it wasn’t necessary to impress. I know how to best showcase what I have to offer to the people that matter most.”


Karim: “Targeted DIRECTION helped me pick the most marketable of my ideas. It helped me figure out who was in my target market and what my strongest selling points are. This gave me the basis of my business plan, the very information that banks want to know.”


Module 4: You’ll find the Specialized STRATEGY you need to succeed.

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE will make it crystal clear just how you should proceed in forwarding your career and creating the impression that you want. You’ll learn how to focus your efforts in ways that make the strongest impact and give you the greatest returns.


Lucia: “Specialized STRATEGY helped me identify the volunteer organizations that will give me more skills and build my influence and presence in the fields I want to move into.”


Karim: “Specialized STRATEGY helped me learn how to use social media to build connections in my network and gain all kinds of advice, insights and the interest of potential partners and investors.”


How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE:


Your online program and personal workbook will be stored for you, so that you can access it wherever and whenever you like. Plus, I’m including a number of bonuses to help you create your unique success formula! When you download How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps you’ll get these FREE GIFTS from me to you:


Bonus #1: FREE EBOOK Value of $49 – What is Branding? Branding Strategy Makes Sense in Dollars.

Learn about branding facts and stats, the importance and prevalence of branding, and insights into effective brand marketing strategy. This ebook gives you a great overview of personal branding and brand marketing, and is a perfect introduction to How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps.


Bonus #2: FREE WORKBOOK (Value $69) – Success Strategies &Personal Effectiveness



This guide gives you practical tools and strategies to improve your personal effectiveness at work and at home, in your personal and professional life. From stress management techniques to goalsetting strategies, Success Strategies & Personal Effectiveness Tools is packed with skill guides and exercises that will increase your well-being and chances of success.


Bonus #3: FREE Personal Branding Basics Webinar (Value $99) – Fundamentals of Personal Branding

Get guaranteed access to my Personal Branding Basics Webinar. Join me and a host of others as we go over the fundamentals of personal branding in this exclusive webinar. Webinars fill up fast but you’ll get a front row seat and get answers to your most pressing and challenging personal branding questions.


Bonus #4: FREE BRAND REVIEW ENTRY (Value $1,000) – Personal Brand Evaluation Contest

You’ll be entered to win a FREE evaluation of your personal brand message. Every month, 1 lucky winner will be chosen to receive my personalized attention and expert advice. I’ll review your strengths assessment, niche research and personal brand message and send you a report containing my advice for your future efforts and refinement.



I’m so convinced that you’re going to benefit from How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps that I Personally Guarantee Your satisfaction!


If, after 30 days, you are still not closer to achieving and realizing your Unique Personal Brand, simply activate my unconditional money-back guarantee.


Start Your Journey! Download How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps

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