What Is Personal Branding?

When it comes to the word ‘Branding’ it can be a confusing term.  Most people tend to think of it in terms of business– and rightly so.  It is a strategic part of any business.  But just as Branding is strategic to businesses, it should be strategic to YOU!  That is when branding becomes better known in this concept as ‘Personal Branding’.

Personal Branding is about YOU marketing yourself and your career and developing it into a package called your personal brand.

You are your greatest asset when it comes to your marketability.  You might be asking why this should matter to you?  But when you stop and think about it in today’s competitive market and ongoing economic fluctuations, you have to do all you can to rise above the rest and to make yourself competitive, desirable, wanted and highly sought after by choice employers and/or customers.  Yes, customers!  Whether you are an employee or an employer, Personal Branding should be high on your priority list to develop, maintain and promote.

So… what does Personal Branding include?

Personal Branding is about your image, your professional impress that is reflected about you online and offline, your name, your associations, your business and how you position yourself in the career or business market place.

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