Employee To Entrepreneur Program

From Employee to Entrepreneur by Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

We understand these difficulties and have created a solution for professionals just like YOU. Most individuals like you, have reached a level of mastery and confidence in what you do but feel fed up by the corporate life with all of its limitations. Most individual like you want to move into self-employment or entrepreneurship.

• If you have got a great idea but don’t know how to take it to the next level

• If you feel you have skills and know-how but don’t know how to profit from them in a way that would sustain and improve your net-worth and lifestyle


Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

Do These Concerns Cross Your Mind?

  • Are you worried about how to pay bills and make ends meet?
  • Are you seeking financial freedom and the security of knowing you have more than enough?
  • Would you like to be able to give your children a better future and more opportunities?
  • Do you feel that you are under-appreciated in your job or you may never amount to anything?
  • Are you working and trading time for money?
  • Do you work harder and harder only not to be recognized or rewarded for your efforts?
  • Are you looking for a way you can break free of being just an employee to excelling and becoming an entrepreneur… a way to make more money and fulfill your dreams?

Go From Concerns To Imagining A Lifestyle Where You Can…

  • Travel anywhere in the world
  • Have financial freedom
  • Love your career
  • Have fun networking and socializing
  • Grow intellectually—Learn and Succeed
  • Make a difference and help others

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

Unlike most of the Personal Branding products which address image and all the external factors of your personality, our program guides you to create your authentic personal brand from the inside out.

The main principle of our From Employee to Entrepreneur program which sets us apart from other branding programs, is that we believe that power of the brand comes from its genuineness, humility and authenticity.

There is a saying…

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

…and that is so true. This is a power of authenticity… this is the power of Authentic Personal Branding.

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

We help you to package your skills, education, experience, talents, gifts, passion, dream, and vision into you’re your Authentic Personal Brand.

With your brand in place you are leveraged to deliver your services and goods to the world in return for appreciation and profit!

The uniqueness of our program is that we address you holistically. We believe that every person has something powerful and unique to offer to the world.

I created the ‘From Employee to Entrepreneur’ program to help people who want to free themselves from corporate suffocation, from homogenization and degradation of human freedom and spirit, from being a cog in a big machine, losing your own individuality and from becoming a clone of inauthentic corporate vision of making a profit to life of PASSION, VISSION, COURAGE, CREATIVITY AND LIVING A LIFE OF PURPOSE!!!

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

We created this laser focused program to guide you and help you to identify your talents, formulate them and package the into a delicious, powerful and profitable Authentic Personal BRAND – YOU.Inc  Here is your Success Formula:

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

if there is no strength, there is no Intrinsic Motivation, no practice and mastery and no success, get it?

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited From Employee to Entrepreneur

Our training program provides you with clear, step by step guidance to get you to your final destination of exquisitely hot and powerful – YOU Incorporated.

Our goal is to provide you with a system to transition from being an employee into self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The Modules are divided into levels so that authentic and powerful foundations fully realized before moving onto business plans and marketing rather than getting all information in one clump and skipping ahead to message and media and marketing.

Our virtual modules are delivered in a way that is natural progression from employee to entrepreneur, from understanding your value and strengths, to launching a business, to moving from self-employed to entrepreneur.


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