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Do you ever wonder how some people seem to attract the best propositions and people? Seem to instinctively know what to do or say next? Easily inspire others to get on board?
Do you envy those who seem to move forward effortlessly in life? Making great decisions and getting what they want? Handling crises and conflict with grace and always closing the deal?
Do you wish you could become more magnetic and persuasive? A person of influence and power? The person people turn to and get behind?



It’s not just luck or natural talent that helps some people become so energetic, influential and inspiring. The secret to developing your presence, both personally and professionally, is to tap into your wellspring of personal power. That’s what makes some people so effective. They understand themselves and others. They respond rather than react. They know how, where and when to invest their energy for the most impact.

    • You can learn how to devote your energies towards the actions and decisions that will have the greatest positive impact in your life…
    • You can learn to make the most of what you have to offer, and bring out the best in those around you…
    • You can develop your own personal brand of charisma and unleash your personal power with…


Personal Power Training Series

Welcome! I’m Oksana Tashakova and I want to help you discover and develop personal power. No matter where you are in your life, no matter what you’re doing, you can become more effective, more influential, and more impactful in every way. I’ve helped many people overcome obstacles in their lives and develop the self-awareness they need to reach their highest potential.

I’ve developed Personal Power Training Series to reach as many as I can, in the most affordable and convenient way, in order to realize my passion and highest purpose. Now you have access to the best of my coaching expertise and techniques from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, and at your own pace.

Each of the modules in Personal Power Training Series consists of self-assessments and feedback forms, real-time exercises and expert materials, multiple methods and content to help you master emotional intelligence, communication, influence, relationship management, time management and leadership skills.

You’ll learn the value of your own personal style, how to harness sales and negotiation skills to forward your purposes, and become more adept at dealing with many different kinds of people. You can discover what makes YOU most effective, what YOUR priorities really are, how to focus on what will make the most difference in YOUR career and relationships. You can learn how to get out of your own way and really get going in terms of creating a richly rewarding life.

As you work through each of these 9 modules, you’ll be amazed at how simple shifts in perspective can open up whole new worlds for you among these foundations of trajectory and success. So don’t wait to begin making great strides forward in your life. Download Personal Power Training Series today!


“Dear Seeker of Personal Power,Wealth Dynamics Unlimited offers you the most expertly-sourced and empowering tools to progress in your career or become an effective leader of your own company. My clients have learned to communicate effectively, intelligently lead and become people of influence.”



Last year I made more than 6 figures from ONE tip I learned from one of your modules alone. Gold, Oksana — from pauper to prince — you’ve delivered me to a huge vein of gold. ~Jason Piercely, Consultant and Strategist

No matter where you are in your life, whether you’re a job-seeker or business owner, employee or executive, community organizer or if you want to just become more effective at whatever you do… Make more impact where it matters most…


Personal Power Training Series can help you!



“I used to resent people in power, thinking that I could never be one of them. No matter what I read, I couldn’t find the key—until I got your Personal Power Training Series. I realize that I was going about it all wrong, that I only had to remove obstacles within myself to make my path forward so easy, so intuitive. I’ve increased my income drastically. I have a million reasons to thank you Oksana.” ~Erin Criton, USA




If you’re unhappy with the progress in your personal and professional life…






If you’ve been struggling to reach new heights in your business or career…






If you’re tired of seeing the competition pass you by…







If you’re ready to If you’re tired of break through the barriers to your success… Ready to find the If you’re tired of trajectory and momentum you need to move If you’re tired of forward at a pace you’ve never dreamed of…






Ready to find and reach the peaks of your potential…





Then Personal Power Training Series Has Much To Offer You!


Stop and consider for one moment, which of your dreams will become reality when you finally understand how to unleash your potential. Is it financial success? Influence? Cooperation? Insight and impact?

Personal power isn’t magical, although it may seem like it. If you desire true power, you only have to get out of your own way and give yourself the tools to tap into your greatness with these 9 downloadable modules.

Don’t get me wrong…discovering your personal power isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen like magic. You have to put in the work to generate real results. But once you do…you will experience ease and intuitive thinking, you will experience confidence and success, and you will develop momentum in your private and public life.


“By the time you’re done learning how to leverage your unique brand of Personal Power


you’ll stop asking how to become unstoppable – and finally EXPERIENCE IT.”


I’ve designed this series so that you can experience what my highest-paying clients do, but on your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

  • Accomplish more while reducing stress and prioritizing better, increasing your motivation and productivity
  • Avoid mistakes in judgment, see different ways to deal with difficult situations, better judge the right course of action to take in any circumstance, make decisions more quickly, more effectively, and with more clarity
  • Gain better understanding of how you and others can be hijacked by emotions, learn to manage and harness emotions for best results, improving personal and working relationships
  • Increase your self confidence and flexibility, increase your personal influence and become open to perspectives that drive progress

When you choose Personal Power Training Series, you’ll receive one module every 2 weeks. I’ve separated this content into bite-sized modules, comprehensive and easily digestible building blocks of personal effectiveness and impact:


  • Strengthen Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Experience Empowering Relationships
  • (Beyond) Effective Communication
  • Irresistible Influence
  • Negotiating for Win-Wins
  • Sales Skills
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Leaderships Skills Everyone Needs
  • Personal Effectiveness and Time Management


And to make this deal even more attractive…

Module 1: Strengthening Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Emotional intelligence is rated the #1 skill in terms of work and personal success. Lack of emotional intelligence equates to low self-awareness and poor self-management skills. It affects all of your interactions and your ability to learn from your mistakes.

In Module 1, you’ll learn about the links between your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and you’ll learn to increase your self-awareness and self-management skills. You’ll learn just what EQ is, how you measure up, and what you need to do to increase your emotional intelligence. You’ll use both imaginative and real-life exercises to widen your perspective and truly integrate real skills into your everyday life.


“Personal Power is GREAT. I’m through Module 1 and I’ve already been offered a promotion to the recruiting division, simply because I made a suggestion on how to handle a critical but irascible employee. He’s happier. The company’s happier. And I’m running my own division! I can’t wait to see what’s in the next module…” ~Addy Thompson, (New) HR Recruiter


Module 2: Experience Empowering Relationships


Everything we do is through relationships. Every business and personal interaction occurs through relationships. All business is relationship business and every decision you make is an emotional one. Neurologists have discovered that if the emotional part of your brain is incapacitated, you cannot make a decision. The development of good relationships is as integral to success as technical skills are. We are all capable of contributing to good relationships or of contributing to conflict within our relationships. Most of us aren’t aware of what we do and how we contribute to the functioning of work or personal relationships but emotional bonds are what contribute to resilient and productive interactions. The inability to work with others effectively is one of the top obstacles to career development.

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to create connection, consider others’ perspectives, make people feel heard and use EQ skills to build bonds, motivate others, manage conflict and inspire collaboration and change. You’ll improve your own interpersonal skills while you help others to do the same.

“Hi O, You promised to teach us how to double our donations, and you didn’t. Your techniques have allowed us to triple them! Thanks for training our team to success, answering our questions, and being an incredible force for good within the world.” ~Sara Willard, Fundraising Consultant


Module 3: (Beyond) Effective Communication


Even after raising your EQ, you must learn how to effectively communicate with others. Our communication intent and the message others perceive are very often two different things. Consider the following facts:

Fact #1: Over 80% of employees say that communication issues influence their decision to stay with or leave an organization.

Fact #2: The 200 “most admired” companies spend 3 times as much time, energy and resources on employee communications as the 200 “least admired” companies.

Fact #3: Improvements in communication effectiveness in organizations has been linked to a 29.5% rise in market value.

Fact #4: A Towers Perrins study found that effective communication builds engagement and trust and that these qualities influence customer behavior, directly affecting profitability and revenue growth.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They’re either speaking or preparing to speak. They’re filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people’s lives.”~Stephen Covey

In Module 3, you’ll assess how well you communicate now and create a plan to communicate “better and better” in every interaction. You’ll discover how to flex your communication style to achieve the best possible outcome, listen actively, and question without setting off defense mechanisms. You’ll get a heads up on non-verbal communication, how to deal with communication barriers and how perception — on your part and that of others — influences communication and meaning.


Module 4: Irresistible Influence


Influence is power. Today, power doesn’t come from authority, dominance, or command-and-control. Authentic power is about influence and persuasion. The old view of power is that it involved your ability to produce intended effects in other people’s attitudes and behaviors through force, a kind of social domination or power over people.

This view is defunct in the successful business model today. Today, power is a measure of your power THROUGH people. It is a kind of social power, the power that comes from being able to rely on others and build their trust; the ability to use influence and persuasion through ideas, character and relationships; how well you can connect with and inspire others.

In Module 4, you’ll learn about the forms of power, measure your influence factor, and learn how to build rapport.

“The real beginning of influence comes as others sense you are being influenced by them – when they feel understood by you – that you have listened deeply and sincerely, and that you are open.”~Stephen Covey


Module 5: Negotiating for Win-Wins


Negotiation is something we engage in, countless times every day. We negotiate with ourselves about how much time we need to get ready for work or eat lunch; we negotiate who’s going to pick up the kids or when a curfew should be; we negotiate how much time a project will take at work and who the best person to do it is. Negotiating skills are necessary in order to strengthen relationships and increase personal effectiveness. But successful negotiators don’t try to win their own agenda at the expense of someone else’s. Successful negotiators understand how to create win-win outcomes. How?

All negotiation involves two levels of processing: rational decision-making and psychological or emotional decision-making. No decision is purely rational. The logic or rational portion of negotiation is the easy part. The emotional or psychological underpinnings, in both us and the other party, are what most often cause negotiations to go awry. Because we aren’t recognizing the impact of personal feelings, we often confuse emotional conflicts with rational content.

In Module 5, you’ll learn what your negotiation style is and how to use it effectively. You’ll learn the secrets of human behavior and psychology and how to create win-win situations. You’ll learn how to manage and utilize emotions in negotiation, read between the lines to determine assumptions and agendas and create value for everyone involved.

“This training was invaluable to me just in terms of the negotiation module. You don’t really stop to think how much you negotiate all of the time, with yourself, your family, everyone around you. Realizing what my style is and how to improve it helped me to realize that more than winning my way, winning comes from choosing the best way, from building and preserving relationships first. Now I can be both assertive and understanding. I know how to gain cooperation from others without stepping on anyone’s toes. Thank you O! ~Margaret Linney, Sales Director


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Module 6: Sales Skills


Did you know that just 20% of all salespeople make 80% of all the sales? So what group are you in? Think you don’t have what it takes? You don’t have to be born with it — you can learn to become a top seller!

Sales is about people and relationships, communication and influence, trust and respect. Sales is about EQ, influence and negotiation.

Top sellers don’t coerce customers or convince them to buy something they really don’t want. Top salespeople establish rapport, connecting with customers to tap into their emotions, becoming problem-solvers rather than product-sellers.

In Module 6, you’ll learn how to connect, create value and manage your emotions and those of your customers. You’ll replace bravado with true confidence and fear with excitement. You’ll learn what your personal style is and how to adapt it to suit any customer and situation.

“It was hard for me to admit to myself that I often pushed customers because I needed the sale to protect my own ego. I problem-solve instead of push now. I can guide people now and enjoy learning about them. I’m developing a thicker skin when it comes to rejection, made easier by the fact that my numbers have steadily increased! This module is worth 10 times what I paid for it!” ~Luke Marzetti


Module 7: Cultural Intelligence (CQ)


What is CQ and why does it affect whether you’re successful in a limited, local way or in a diverse, expanded way? The globalization of business has heightened the importance of cultural intelligence (CQ). Diverse workforces, multinational teams, global projects, world-wide networks and out-sourcing has created problems in terms of dealing with diverse cultures and creating strong alliances. A PriceWaterhouseCooper study of over a thousand CEOs in over 50 countries found that bridging cultural differences was a top concern.

Cultural intelligence refers to your ability to understand and adapt to different cultures in an effective way and to understand how cultural values impact behavior and decisions. CQ is important to building trusting and productive relationships. You need to understand CQ to build trust, and you need trust to have influence, and you need influence to be considered powerful.

“Oksana, you’ve done it again. You’ve included something few people consider for their success in this highly-connected world. I consider myself a world traveler with plenty of international experience. Realizing how much I still interpreted everything through my own cultural perspective was eye-opening! This has really helped me build bonds and networks, and become more effective in negotiations with people from different countries.” ~Avery Charles, GB

In Module 7, you’ll learn how to build a global perspective, step beyond your comfort zone, connect with and influence people across cultural boundaries.


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Module 8: Leadership Skills Everyone Needs



If you’re thinking that you don’t need leadership skills because you’re not in a leadership role, you’re sorely mistaken. A leader is more than a person with a title: a leader is someone who inspires and influences others, motivates people and emulates positive behavior no matter if they’re a production worker or a CEO. Developing your leadership skills can help you progress in every dimension of your life.

Leadership is a key to personal power.

In Module 8, you’ll learn what your unique leadership style is, how to “flex” your style in order to engage and motivate others, how to promote productivity wherever you are.

“Most people think of leadership as a position and therefore don’t see themselves as leaders.”~Stephen Covey
“The best thing about this program for me was that I finally appreciated that I have my own leadership style and THAT I AM A LEADER. I didn’t have to try to be like anyone else. The right leadership skills for me are the ones that work for me. I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed in my life, how empowered I feel, how much impact I can have, by claiming this personal power. Thanks Oksana, for helping me realize that we are all leaders.” ~Dean Morton, USA


Module 9: Personal Effectiveness and Time Management


Are you one of those people that think working until you drop is going to pay off in the long run? Or are you one of those people that try to WORK SMARTER rather than work harder? It isn’t the time you put in but the quality of that time. How effective can you really be if you’re exhausted and stressed? Irritable and depleted? Worried about what you’re not attending to?


Work-life balance isn’t just another fad. Organizations around the world are realizing just how much it matters to health and well-being, efficiency and productivity, job satisfaction and commitment.


“I’ve helped countless individuals and organizations improve their output by helping them learn to prioritize and delegate, restore and replenish.”


In Module 9, you’ll learn that your work-life balance plan isn’t supposed to look like everyone else’s. Time-mapping is a tool you can use to evaluate if you’re putting your energy and effort into the things that reflect your core values. You’ll learn that prioritizing according to values will help you get impactful results and greatly improve the quality of your life.
“Starting my own business was one of the most rewarding things I have done. Buying this program has to be another because it helped me realize that I was standing in the way of my business reaching the next level. I had to learn how to avoid letting things BECOME urgent, how to really put my time and effort into what it was I was needed for and learn how to delegate or outsource the things I didn’t have to be hands-on for. I didn’t have time for this program and yet this program helped me find time for so much more.” ~Yeoung Zhao, Entrepreneur

Your productivity and sense of well-being depend upon how effectively you manage your time. Most people don’t manage their time well and even people that schedule everything often fail to adequately prioritize their activities. Busyness does not equal efficiency or productivity.

Learn how to:

determine where to put your energy and efforts in order to reach your potential,
identify when and how you are most effective,
and develop your own unique time balance plan.
You may be wondering by now… why would I offer you access to something so powerful? Why would I make available to you the secrets of influence that my top-paying clients invest so much in?

As someone who came from nothing and now has everything, I’m not interested in locking up exclusive information. I’m interested in sharing it with the world to help you become the best person you can be. Why? Because my passion and purpose is about giving back and spreading impact.

For every person that I can empower, I know that person spreads positive influence in the world. Although I can’t possibly coach every one of you personally, I can give you the benefits of my expertise through programs like this one.

Can you learn some tricks of influence and persuasion by downloading one or two modules? Of course. But I’m really hoping you’ll be inspired to purchase the complete series so that you can experience real transformation, lay claim to incredible personal power and create a ripple effect through everyone you come into contact with. Then you help me fulfill my personal mission: to positively impact and empower the most people that I can so we can together work to make the world a better place. So:

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If you choose to purchase the complete series, this choice comes with some added benefits.

Purchase access to ALL 9 modules and you’ll get:

Bonus #1: Exclusive Instant Access to My 2013 Personal Power Q & A Mastermind Session (Value $1,500)

Want to join like-minded influencers in an inspiring, empowering, success-magnetizing mastermind session? You’ll get a personal invitation to this PRIVATE webinar where you’ll receive answers to your most challenging questions, directly from me. I only hold one every six months, so you can imagine how quickly each session fills up. You’ll get a complimentary “front row” invitation before anyone else when you download instant access to the complete Personal Power Training Series today. (LIMIT Next 31 People)


Bonus #2: Enter to Win 2 Hours of PRIVATE One-to-One Coaching (Value $299)
If you’ve read anything about me, you know that I’m well versed in more than just Personal Power Training. In fact, I’m considered an expert in Executive Coaching, NLP, Personal Branding, and Creating the Life of your dreams, just to name a few of my most frequently sought after services.I promised myself, and everyone who supported me that I would offer this private coaching, allowing people who are not yet in the position to pay for a private coach the opportunity to finally reach that space.When you sign up today you will be entered into a monthly drawing for 2 hours of PRIVATE one-to-one coaching where we can focus getting you over the hurdles to reach your goals — no matter what they are, or where you’re located.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Because I’m so convinced in the value of this program and your potential, I’ll make this even easier for you. You have 30 full days to experience how this step-by-step personal power building system can help you to be, do and have everything you desire in life. And if you haven’t learned at least three things that lead you to experience a life filled with personal power, you’ll get a full refund. I haven’t created this program to waste your time or just take your money. I’m here to help you make the most of your time and help you make more money! Thousands of clients can vouch for the fact that I’ve been blessed with the gift of identifying what makes people powerful, and helping you infuse it into every aspect of your life.

Save 66% When You Get ALL 9 Personal Power Modules for ONLY $299!


  • Module 1: Strengthening Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 2: Experience Empowering Relationships
  • Module 3: (Beyond) Effective Communication
  • Module 4: Irresistible Influence
  • Module 5: Negotiating for Win-Wins
  • Module 6: Sales Skills
  • Module 7: Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Module 8: Leadership Skills Everyone Needs
  • Module 9: Personal Effectiveness and Time Management


OR Purchase the Module You’re Most Interested In for Just $99!

Begin the Journey
I am sure you also thought of someone you know, love or care about, who would benefit from this program.

Recommend it to them now and they will receive 20% discount and you will receive 20% off any other product or service I offer and receive this fantastic E-Book “From Employee to Entrepreneur. Six Steps to Wealth, Success and Authentic Achievement” value of $49 absolutely FREE!



This is NOT a Limited Time Offer!!


I wouldn’t be fulfilling my passion and purpose if I only made Personal Power Training Series available for a limited time. You can come back to this site and buy this proven system to develop unstoppable power and influence, become an expert in persuasion and negotiation, experience record sales, learn to set meaningful personal goals, and get the most out of your time when you are ready.


But I hope you won’t wait too long to experience what life feels like for those of us on top.
How quickly you reach the pinnacle of success is up to you.

With Love,
Your Design Life Coach


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