Vlad Tashakov

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited Expert - Volodymyr Tashakov bio

With a background in marketing, logistics and business development, and Masters with Honors in Business from the Auckland University of Technology, Vlad will help you to take your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level, and teach you his proven marketing and sales strategies that you really need in order to create a rock solid business that will make your dreams a reality.  Marketing and Sales all start first with strategic planning to refine or create a solid foundation from which to build a successful business.  With strategic planning as the key to building that foundation, Vlad takes the guess work out and will lead you through a step-by-step process to create a solid plan so you know where to start and where to go next.   His marketing and sales system assists people across the globe to figure out their niche and turn it into a successful 6 and 7 figure business.

Vlad’s strengths are building and helping you to realize your vision and goals at Wealth Dynamics Unlimited so you can create the wealth and time freedom you crave.  Vlad knows how to succeed in business through marketing and sales and is ready to share his wisdom with you, whether you are an individual wanting to create an additional stream of income, or an entrepreneur and small business owner.

Vlad’s specialized knowledge and expertise includes:

–  Strategic planning and implementation to get you started in your business or to get you back on track with your existing business.

–  Niche research, validation and development that is laser focused.

–  Product creation and development that targets the needs of your niche.

–  Online marketing strategies including, building a sales funnel, developing lead capture pages, copywriting and more!

–  Offline marketing and sales strategies through various tactics to capture leads and convert them into hungry customers.

–  Social media marketing strategies using the latest techniques for list building and conversion into your funnel.

–  Customer relationship management and customer life-cycle planning to create a complete marketing and sales process

Now based in Dubai and located in the heart of economic growth and prosperity for the Gulf Region, Vlad is centrally located to work with students and clients  worldwide.



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