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Wealth Dynamics Unlimited Expert - Oksana Tashakova Bio

With over 15 years of experience in corporate business and as a successful entrepreneur and investor, Oksana has combined her branding experience in these fields with her dedicated passion to help take people to the next level, to focus specifically on helping individuals to develop personal and expert brands. Recognized worldwide, she has quickly became known as the personal branding guru by clients, business owners, entrepreneurs and the media.  Today, Oksana has become a highly sought-after speaker and media expert on the topics of branding including personal branding, expert branding and online branding. Her related topics also include: personal transformation, leadership, organization development and career path planning and career management. When it comes to branding, it is all about taking you to the next level in your career or in business so you can make more money!

Oksana has been featured in countless publications and in the news media, and also appeared on the show “The Entrepreneur”.  Currently, Oksana is a blogger and columnist for Gulf News and Khaleej times .

Oksana Tashakova - Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

Oksana’s experience includes:

– Speaker, Trainer, Seminar Leader and Consultant for Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Enterprises

– Providing strategic guidance in personal branding, expert branding and corporate branding

– Featured expert in leading news media in the Gulf Region

– Key note speaker and corporate trainer and leading authority in personal and business branding.

As an international transformation and motivation speaker, Oksana engages, motivates and inspires audiences with her energy, knowledge and forward thinking strategies.

Personal and Expert Branding Expertise:

Oksana loves to connect with people and help them to transform their lives and take them to the next level so they can live the life of their dreams through more clarity and strategic purpose developed specifically for them as their personal brand.  By helping them to create the competitive edge and combining this with her unique understanding of personal transformation, Oksana is able to quickly develop a unique strategy and purpose towards building your brand that will help you to not only potentially make more money, but also provide you with your personal vision and goals, give you more confidence and happiness to reach your purpose in life.

Oksana’s Personal Branding System includes:

–  Creating a strategy called ‘Branding YOU’ with a plan and clear road map to build your brand from the inside out.

–  How to discover and position your Brand in the competitive world and marketplace.

–  How to create an “Expert Brand’ that can help you to take your business or career to the next level

–  Communication and publicity strategies to position your brand through specific social media channels.

–  Creating a Mindset and Transformation plan for change.

–  Creating a life navigation plan to achieve professional advancement.

Credentials, Associations and Certifications:

Oksana Tashakova - NTL InstituteOksana Tashakova - Human Syntergistics Certified Associate and FacilitatorOksana Tashakova - Co-Active CoachOksana Tashakova - Leadership Agility
Oksana Tashakova - Certified Facilitator of Action LearningOksana Tashakova - Career & Executive CoachOksana Tashakova - IPC Certified Life CoachOksana Tashakova - Third Generation Trance Work Practitioner
Oksana Tashakova - NLP Master PractitionerOksana Tashakova - Transactional Analysis SpecialistOksana Tashakova - EFT Practitioner Oksana Tashakova - Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapist



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