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Understanding your customer

Entrepreneurship 101: Successful Businesses Employ the Law of Repulsion

The Law of Repulsion? Don’t I want to attract customers? Yes, you do want to attract your target market and you do want to build a business brand that appeals to them. But you don’t want to waste your efforts attracting customers that don’t really buy into your brand and those that will never become […]

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Business ideas

Entrepreneurship 101: Why Great Business Ideas Can Fail: Value

You can have the greatest idea in the world for your business, but, if you don’t understand value…your business will never succeed. Great business ideas fail all of the time. Why? Value. Your idea can be revolutionary and world-changing. Your idea can be unique and innovative. You can have lesser aims but still deliver something […]

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Business Handshake.

What Kind of Entrepreneur are You? The Voice

I’ve been telling you about entrepreneurial strength systems: the four systems that function together to create a successful enterprise. The final role in this four-part success scenario is that of The Voice. The Voice is the person that showcases your business, networks with others, and builds buy-in among consumers, investors and employees. These people are […]

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Working Gloves

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? The Hands

I’ve been telling you about entrepreneurial strength systems, general categories of strengths that play different roles in an entrepreneurial enterprise. The four strength systems that contribute to a thriving business are The Head, The Hands, The Heart and The Voice. Understanding what role you are best suited to play helps you to build a successful […]

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A group of happy business people clapping in a meeting

Great Multinational Workplaces – Part 2

Cont… Mercer research has found that respect is the most important non-financial factor that drives employee engagement and motivation. Work-life balance, relationships with coworkers and great leadership are also much more important to employees than pay. CEO of Snagajob, who won the 2011 workplace award for small companies, says that ongoing cultural activities are most […]

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