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Personal Accountability/Workplace Accountability 2

Cont… Management experts and authors Roger Connors and Tom Smith have a different take: they look at accountability from the bottom up. Introducing an article on accountability by these authors, Sources of editor shares a revealing quote and opinion on what accountability means: “Accountability breeds response-ability.” The quote is by Stephen Covey. It refers […]

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No accountability

Personal Accountability/Workplace Accountability 1

What does accountability mean to you? Do you think it means whose fault something is? Whose responsibility something is? Do you think of accountability as something to avoid or something to embrace? Most of us think about accountability as an ethically correct stance yet we also tend to attribute accountability to others rather than ourselves. […]

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Business training at office

The Value of Training for Company Culture and Hiring Practices ll

Cont… On Business Review USA, Greg Crabtree describes how he determined what core work areas employees needed to be successful in at his CPA firm. Crabtree decided to “grow his own talent” by hiring for personality characteristics rather than skill sets and incorporated a 70/20/10 training philosophy. New hires spent 10 percent of their time […]

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businessman happy because his chosen

The Value of Training for Company Culture and Hiring Practices

Many business owners today are looking for specific skills when they hire employees but it turns out, skills may be less important than personal characteristics. In addition, you may also overlook the potential in the employees you already have. Many people can learn new skills and training improves morale and productivity among your staff. Some […]

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Summer work fatigue

Seasonal Work Slumps: Is Great Weather Leading to Lower Productivity?

Do you notice your employee’s attention slipping during the hot summer season? Do employees ask for more time off, leave earlier, tend to come in later? This is a common occurrence all over the world although the season of distraction may differ from country to country. CNN’s Anne Fisher refers to them as the “seasonal […]

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