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How to Create Social Media Presence: A Short Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that social media has completely changed the way consumers search for and purchase stuff. And if you’re a startup or an entrepreneur, you probably already know that having a solid social media presence is a key to success. Here is a short guide to help you create a community of loyal followers […]

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What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Who do you think of when you think of a successful entrepreneur? Tech giant Steve Jobs or flamboyant Sir Richard Branson? Most people have the wrong idea about entrepreneurs. They believe that entrepreneurs are all Type-A, larger-than-life, rule-breaking mavericks. But many successful entrepreneurs are behind-the-scenes introverts that know how to play the game rather than […]

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Oksana Tashakova

The Entrepreneur in You

Personal Branding Expert Oksana Tashakova Oksana Tashakova is a professional coach, personal branding expert and entrepreneurial educator. Founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited and the From Employee to Entrepreneur Program, Oksana Tashakova authors The Entrepreneur in You column in Khaleej Weekend. Oksana Tashakova Says: “Everyone is an Entrepreneur” Khaleej Times: Entrepreneurship is a hot topic right […]

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Understanding your customer

Entrepreneurship 101: Successful Businesses Employ the Law of Repulsion

The Law of Repulsion? Don’t I want to attract customers? Yes, you do want to attract your target market and you do want to build a business brand that appeals to them. But you don’t want to waste your efforts attracting customers that don’t really buy into your brand and those that will never become […]

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Brand Concept - Hit Target.

Frankenbranding and Personal Branding

“Frankenbranding” is a term most often used to describe corporate co-branding attempts: the cobbling together of two different brands in order to gain wider appeal to varied target markets. In his 2011 Wired Magazine article, “Awesomely Awful Frankenbrands,” David Kushner describes some of the outcomes of these attempts, when smashing different brands together results in […]

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Social Networking

Branding Advice: Get Pinned

Many people aren’t even aware of what Pinterest is yet it is now the third largest online social network. If you’re a business owner, familiarizing yourself with this social sharing network can help you to build your brand. Pinterest consists of online bulletin boards, images grouped by themes that people follow according to their interests […]

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