Career and Business Start-Up Resources Provided by Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

Career and Business Start-Up Resources Provided by Wealth Dynamics Unlimited (WDU)

Those looking to find rewarding careers, progress in their careers or start their own businesses have a valuable resource in Wealth Dynamics Unlimited (WDU). WDU is a premier event and education company designed to provide skills training, strategies and support for wealth creation, entrepreneurship and personal branding.

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited offers:


E-books and downloadable training programs that you can use to acquire skills, discover and develop your brand, increase your marketability and gain career-promoting advantages, all from the comfort of your home or office, at your own pace.


  • increase knowledge retention by 25-60%
  • require 30-60% less time than traditional courses
  • accommodate many different learning styles
  • are accessible 24/7 and not hampered by geographical or travel constraints
  • provide career development and training that is often lacking at companies or inaccessible because of financial and time constraints
  • are self-paced and self-directed: you can speed up or slow down as needed and you can choose content and tools most appropriate for you needs, interests and skill levels


Participate in targeted discussions with experts and like-minded individuals. Wealth Dynamic Unlimited’s webinars offer you a user-friendly way to gain insights and advantages for your career or start-up. Accessible through your computer, tablet or smartphone, and designed to fit into your busy schedule, webinars offer you a sampling of the dynamic learning and networking experiences that attending a seminar can offer you.


  • are cost-effective and time-effective
  • easy to access
  • are interactive
  • offer connection with experts and networking opportunities
  • offer targeted and relevant information

Seminars and Training Events

Forget those boring workshops! Wealth Dynamics Unlimited brings together experts from many industries in dynamic, engaging and entertaining events. These highly experiential and interactive events offer you a wealth of knowledge in one go, a multitude of mentoring and networking opportunities and a highly effective learning alternative for those strapped for time or that prefer hands-on methods. Enjoy time spent forwarding your business or career while you hob-knob with thought leaders and create connections with like-minded individuals.

Seminars and Training Events:

  • Are entertaining as well as educational
  • Offer a wealth of information from many different experts
  • Are inspiring and motivation and spark creativity and innovation
  • Provide dynamic, hands-on learning, specific skill sets and proven success strategies
  • Provide camaraderie, social participation, networking and mentoring opportunities.
  • Combine business with pleasure
  • Offer exclusive deals on life-changing products and services

Founded by Success Mastery Coach Oksana Tashakova, Wealth Dynamics Unlimited’s e-learning products and dynamic, expert-sourced events provide proven success formulas, actionable information, self-discovery and career exploration, business start-up plans, entertaining education, and opportunities for networking and mentorship.

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Oksana Tashakova, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Wealth Dynamics Unlimited
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +97144343570



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