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Oksana Tashakova - Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

Oksana Tashakova is well equipped to take you further in your career and entrepreneurial pursuits. With a degree in Accounting & Finance and a corporate background, Oksana herself a serial entrepreneur.

After building and leaving a $2.5 million real estate business and going through her own journey climbing the corporate ladder, dealing with office politics, and feeling stifled and unfulfilled in her career, Oksana wanted more from life. Her pursuit of passion and purpose led to her success as an established professional coach, speaker and writer.

She is a regular blogger and columnist for Gulf News and Khaleej Times and she has appeared on the hit show “The Entrepreneur” as a workshop provider and has spoken at events such as the GOV HR Summit 2013—Connecting People with Performance.

Oksana’s passion for self-development and her desire to help everyone reach their full potential caused her to first found Design Life Coach. This life-coaching site is now home to a Self-Help E-Library for those struggling with inner obstacles. Her continuing education and experience led to the creation of Elite Executive Coach and the Academia of Human Potential, business and organizational coaching resources.

Today, Oksana continues to find ways to make self-development and success strategies available to everyone. With her Employee to Entrepreneur program, her ebooks, elearning courses, webinars, seminars and premier events, Oksana brings together her knowledge and that of many experts to provide you with the tools and skills you need to discover your unique potential, develop business, marketing, career and success strategies, and build a life filled with passion, profit and purpose.

Her “from the inside out” approach gives you an authentic and powerful foundation to build such a life because your success is based upon who you really are, why you are here, and what you can become. Your unique constellation of talents and strengths, personality and passions, values and value, carves out your one-of-kind journey to transformation and a life plan that will reach far beyond your goals for just today.


Volodymyr Tashakov - Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

With a background in marketing, logistics and business development, and Masters with Honors in Business from the Auckland University of Technology, Vlad uses his strong work ethic, his leadership and teamwork skills, and his finely-honed consumer-analytic skills to help Wealth Dynamics Unlimited deliver the products or courses and seminars that are most useful and valuable to you.

His experience and education generates valuable insights into what matters most to you: what you need to take your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level, and what you really need in order to make these dreams a reality.

Vibrant and insightful, both a critical thinker and challenge-seeker, Vlad is constantly in search of what furthers personal development and success (for himself as well as you) and eager to help make this known to all of you. He backs your dreams up with the skills and the insights he knows you need to really succeed. He knows what works and doesn’t. He helps WDU to deliver what you need in the way that you need it.

Sumei FitzGerald - Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

Content manager and co-author: Sumei is an avid researcher and truth-seeker. You can be sure that everything we produce and provide, at Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, is based on real research and real results because of her.

With a background in both life sciences and sociology, too many scholarly honors to mention here, and an incredible business education launched by my efforts and her concerns: Sumei’s commitment to my purpose has been priceless.

She understands how I want to help you, understands how this all works, and translates my purpose into the products that best serve both you and my passion to help you.


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