About Wealth Dynamics Unlimited

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited provides premier events and education programs centered on helping individuals and small businesses learn how to increase their business and personal value.

Our main goals are to:

  • Increase personal self-worth
  • Position individuals strategically in preferred business or niche
  • To teach strategies on creating additional or primary income sources
  • Promote financial security and wealth improvement
  • To educate how to improve their knowledge, skills, brand and marketability

Our events and education programs are built with the concept of “Edutainment” in mind, combining education and entertainment to create environment of fun and dynamic adult learning. We created a community of ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals so our clients can benefit from networking and sharing ideas for continuous support and education.

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited promises to create a
Targeted Dynamic Experience and Endless Possibilities For YOU!!

Founded by Success Mastery Coach Oksana Tashakova, Wealth Dynamics Unlimited (WDU) provides premier educational resources and training for those looking to find rewarding work, make a career change, reach new peaks in their careers, or start their own businesses.

We care about people and about the world. We want to create a Family of Like Minded People who are given tools to play a bigger game, to make a world a better place, to lead a lives worth living and share their success with others especially with the ones who truly need it.
~ Oksana Tashakova

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited (WDU) has all that you need. Success Mastery Coach Oksana Tashakova has created Wealth Dynamics Unlimited to help you unlock and unleash your real potential. WDU offers everything from basic skills to proven success strategies whether you want to find a new career or start a thriving enterprise.

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited’s vision is to become the preferred choice of personal learning through seminars and e-learning programs because of our transformative learning-centered approach, faculty and staff excellence, and innovations in technology and distant learning. Training from Wealth Dynamics Unlimited provides the next level to personal dynamic growth and wealth.

Mission Statement:

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited’s mission is to provide premier events and education programs centered upon transformative learning to help individuals and small businesses learn and increase their personal value.

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited offers expert research and advice, avenues to fast-paced, actionable learning, and networking opportunities that herald success. Through e-learning products, webinars, seminars and premier events and education programs, you can:

  • access WDU’s effective success formula
  • gain insights from experts and entrepreneurs
  • get concrete information to navigate bureaucratic business requirements and company politics
  • learn how to discover and develop your personal brand
  • explore career options and business ideas
  • develop entrepreneurial skills and mindset
  • create a business plan and marketing strategy
  • find networking and mentoring opportunities
  • discover funding and investor options

Wealth Dynamics Unlimited (WDU) Offers Training and Resources In:

Business Start-up
Personal Branding and
Self Promotion
Business Strategies

Finding Investors

Personal Effectiveness and
Time Management
Career Exploration

Influence and
Sales Skills

Company Culture
and Politics
Interview Skills

Social Media
Communication and
Relationship Management
Marketing and
Strategic Planning
Stress & Work
Life Balance
Creativity and
Wealth Creation
Emotional Intelligence
Your Unique
Value Proposition


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